Shi Lin

Shi Lin is a Taiwanese (we were politely corrected by the waiter that they are a Taiwanese and not a Chinese restaurant) restaurant that I’ve read about in a blog I follow.  JodiesDaddy and I have been meaning to try it out (it was also highly recommended by friends of ours), but we hardly go to the mall where it is located.

Over the weekend, we were meeting a friend in the area and luckily I remembered Shi Lin when we were thinking of a place to eat at.

We were not disappointed!  At first we were skeptical because it reminded us a restaurant we tried but did not enjoy.  The menu looked similar.  But we were informed that they weren’t the same.

JodiesDaddy ordered the noodles with peanut sauce.  At first I wasn’t too happy with his selection.  But when I tried it, I was glad he chose this!  The sauce was nice and thick and really tasty.

I ordered the chicken chop with fried rice.  I needed something to satisfy my “fried” craving.

And of course we had to order dimsum (eating in a Chinese Taiwanese restaurant is not complete without dimsum).  This is my personal favorite.  The shrimp and pork shaomai.  It’s like a siomai and xiao long bao rolled into one dimsum — it had soup it it!

I really hope we have another excuse to visit the area, because there are still lots in the menu I am dying to try!


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